How the Creative Canvas Works

1. Focus on the artists


The Art

Artists want to create art. This is what they are called to do, what they live and breathe. If they are not creating art, then what is the point?



Artists need to make money. While some artists have noble goals (or a privileged background, nobody's goal is to be a "starving artist."



Artists don’t want to “sell out” by creating solely to a market. This is more about the integrity of their vision, but for them it speaks to who they are.

2. Use proven system

Business Model Canvas

Developed by Alexander Osterwalder (2010) and now used worldwide for businesses in all industries and sectors.

Visual Approach

One-page visual representation of business models has proven to be a convenient tool for brainstorming and communication.

Building Blocks

Breaking business model down into essential components to provide a holistic view of the business as a whole.

3. Modify to fit

The Blocks

9 building blocks in the business of an artist, covering four major aspects:

  1. the art
  2. the audience
  3. support
  4. financial viability

The Core

Create a model around the experience the artist wants to create, instead of a product to solve a problem. This is the Unique Value Proposition of an artist's work.

The Sequence

Specifying an order to complete the canvas, starting with the artist's desired experience and then moving out to the audience creates a seamless path to follow to build out the model.